Educated at London's prestigious Central St Martin's, Drew caught the attention of the fashion press with a collection of ground-breaking sculptural watches. Since then exhibitions at Origin, and International Jewellery London have cemented his reputation for unique designs.

In 2010 Drew designed the 'Twenties' collection for the prestigious Pearl Jewellers 'Jersey Pearl' which was launched to great acclaim at the Jersey Grand hotel in April this year.

In 2011 Drew launched three new collections. His iconic gold spiral necklaces have been joined with a wide range of silver and pearl pieces to make the  'East of the Sun and West of the Moon' collection. Pearl cufflinks and spiralling torques combine to make the 'Berserker' collection. Finally the 'Element of Light' collection delivers razor sharp contemporary sophis- tication in the form of folded and intersecting disks of silver and gold set with coloured gems.